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How to make a reasonable mix of raw materials for sintered bricks?

2019/12/21 9:57:42      点击:
First of all, have a full understanding of raw material molding, whether it is hard plastic extrusion, semi-rigid plastic extrusion, or soft plastic molding, the accumulation of particles in the raw materials during molding is based on the same principle. The raw materials are first neatly arranged to form a large skeleton structure;

  Secondly, the medium-sized raw material fills the larger gaps between the large particles. Finally, the fine-grained raw material occupies the remaining space of the large particles and the medium-sized particles to play a connecting role. This is the principle of the most densely packed raw materials. In the process of the most densely packed raw materials, coarse, medium and fine raw materials are indispensable. If all the coarse particles are used, the gaps between the particles are large, the bonding is not good, and the density of the green body is low. Although the space between the particles is small and the bond is strong, the compactness is high, but because there is no skeleton effect of the coarse particles, the strength of the green body is not high. When the proportion of the raw materials of a certain particle size in the sintered brick body occupies an absolute share, the semi-finished and finished bricks produced may be brittle. What is the distribution ratio of coarse, medium and fine particles in raw materials? According to the theoretical calculations and experimental results, it can be concluded that the percentage of each component should be thick, medium, small = large, large, which is commonly referred to as two large ends and small middle.

  That is to say, in the process of the tightest packing of raw materials, the percentage of coarse particles and fine particles is greater than the percentage of medium particles.
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