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How to control the drying speed in the initial stage of sintered brick drying?

2019/12/7 13:58:14      点击:
 Strictly control the drying speed at the initial stage of drying. The air volume and temperature sent to the drying room must be accurately detected and strictly controlled. Once the heat and air volume sent is too large, the green body will be quickly dehydrated and the shrinkage will increase, causing a large number of cracks.

   In the constant-speed drying process, although the blank temperature does not increase, if the drying speed is too fast, the blank will still have a larger volume shrinkage. If the shrinkage speed exceeds the ability of the blank to eliminate its internal stress, the blank will also It is easy to produce cracks and reduce the drying yield.
  Therefore, in these two stages of drying, the temperature of the heat medium entering the drying chamber and the amount of air supply should be strictly controlled. The supply air temperature and supply air volume should be based on the results of theoretical calculations.

   The drying operation after the critical point in the drying chamber should be performed with high temperature and large air volume as much as possible, so that the drying process is performed at high speed. This can not only increase the drying output of the sintered bricks, but also reduce the drying waste rate.
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